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B.C.M. Hospital of Critical Care is supported by a reputed team of intensivists and trauma specialists who provide around the clock support to all departments of the hospital, for the diagnosis and the management of life threatening conditions. The Institute is equipped with Modular Advance operation theatres, blood Centre services, laboratory, and radiology services. Intensive care units (ICUs) are supported by digital monitoring systems and Qualified trained personnel, which enhance the care provided by the team to critically ill patients with organ dysfunctions, respiratory problems and so on.

24x7 Emergency & Trauma

B.C.M. Hospital of Critical Care provides a range of services for complications arising in patients of various specialties. The hospitals are equipped with specialized units for critical care for each department. Such specialized centers have support equipment as per the complication and age of the patient. Radiology and pathology support is provided on 24*7 basis.

  • B.C.M. Hospital of Critical Care provides 24*7 supports to all departments of the hospital for the diagnosis and the management of life threatening conditions.

  • B.C.M. Hospital of Critical Care has a reputed team of experts of national and international repute that are trained to provide urgent and immediate care to the patients at the time of need. The Institute is also supported by other departments that provide super specialist support.


24X7 Pharmacy

Access to the medicines that you need is extremely important which is why at B.C.M. Hospital, we have a 24/7 round-the-clock pharmacy.

  • Our pharmacists are trained to ensure that all the medicines are organized, stocked and dispensed to patients properly.

  • The pharmacists can also provide information and advice on avoiding possible drug interactions.

  • Training & Credentials makes our pharmacists more efficient & dedicated to their work, that lead to zero rate of dispensing error.

  • Ensuring the appropriate purchase of medicines

  • Quality assurance of medicines provided to the patients

  • Establishing safe systems for storage and supply of medicines


24*7 Lab Services & Blood Centre

B.C.M. Hospital runs its own Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and Blood Centre 24x7. It is a well established laboratory doing a large number of investigations using automated systems in the department of Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Cytology. B.C.M. Hospital Laboratory is equipped with advance machines like Hematology Analyzer (5part) & fully auto Biochemistry analyzer. We follow the advanced laboratory analysis procedures to ensure utmost relevancy and accuracy of reports. The test of blood & bodily fluids includes analysis of saliva, blood, semen, pleural fluid, cervical fluid, ascitic fluid and pericardial fluid. Our pathologists analyze the health condition and stability of our patients and discuss the most appropriate treatment with the clinicians.