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A balanced and health-promoting lifestyle should include moderate physical activity, a nutritionally healthy diet, adequate sleep, and effective stress management. This helps in improving one’s overall quality of life.

We gradually improve patients nutritional needs & healthy Food (Free of Cost) by encouraging and advising a balanced diet.

We help people realize about aspects of our lives that tend to trip up in our quest for better health and to make them understand the need for specialized therapeutic diets depending on their clinical presentation of diseases.

Services offered

  • Advice for proper diet according to the recommendation of the doctor to individual patients.

  • Counseling the patients to make them understand as to what they should do while taking a proper diet.

  • Advising patients to reject food which is not conducive to their individual system/diseases.

  • Advise undertaking regular physical exercise especially to the diabetic patients and other patients as per the doctors’ recommendation.

  • Extra care is given to the patients for the selection of proper diet so that side effect can be avoided due to drug intake.

Various types of diet charts provided:

  1. Balanced Diet

  2. Diabetic Diet

  3. Renal Diabetic Diet

  4. Low-fat Diet

  5. Bland Diet

  6. Diarrhoeal Diet

  7. Low Purine Diet

Key Highlights:

  • The technical approach to diet Patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and other taxing medical therapies require special nutrition.

  • To tailor one’s food habits & make the person stick to that specific food habit.

  • To stress more on calorie consumption than on the elimination of specific foods.

  • Diet Clinic - The diet clinic mainly emphasizes on improvement of quality of life by making the patients realize the nature of the disease and the dietary influence on its management.

  • To maintain a healthy life diet charts are provided on referral by doctors.

  • Dietitians do realize that people have a lot of choices and that deciding which path to follow can be daunting and confusing. Therefore, they recommend a program that takes a sound, evidence-based approach to overall health and wellness from a realistic, patient centric perspective.

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