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The Department of Nephrology is dedicated to the understanding of kidney diseases, their development, progress, treatment, and prevention. The department’s mission is to provide outstanding cutting edge clinical care. The department is filled with people passionate about their academic pursuit & advance equipments.

The centre for dialysis employs amultidisciplinary team of nephrologist, nurses, dieticians, and technician to evaluate optimal outcome for dialyalysis patients. Innovative use of the latest technologies allows the department to provide the highest quality dialysis care that is accessible and comfortable with a significantly better outcome.

The department has advanced Hemodialysis machines and is manned by highly skilled technical and nursing staff. The latest reverse osmosis water plant in the dialysis unit helps to attain high-quality water. To help a patient feel more at home during dialysis, every dialysis station has a sophisticated audio/visual system that lets a patient watch TV program of his own choice.

The centre for nephrology is a major participant in intensive acre by providing critical care nephrology care to ICU patients with acute renal failure, volume disturbances or electrolyte, and acid- base disorder. There is facility to dialyze ill patients without shifting them to them to the main dialysis unit.

Services offered:

  • All facilities to investigate diagnosis and treat and prevent chronic kidney disease.

  • Management of Acute Kidney Injury.

  • Regular Hemodialysis round-the-clock 24*7.

  • Beside Hemodialysis for patient in the intensive care unit.

  • Sustained low-efficiency daily dialysis (SLEDD)

  • Separate Dialysis Machines and Isolation room for HBsAg & HCV positive patients.

  • Management of essential and secondary hypertension.

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