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National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Health Care Providers

B.C.M. Hospital, Khairabad is the first hospital in this region with full NABH Accreditation.

Why Choose B.C.M. Hospital?

1. 1st NABH Accredited Hospital in this region:- Patients are the biggest beneficiary. Accreditation results in high quality of care and patient safety.

  • The patients are serviced by credentialed medical staff.

  • Rights of patients are respected and protected.

  • Patient’s satisfaction is regularly evaluated.

​2. Best Clinical Outcome:- Leveraging its vast medical expertise & technological advantage, B.C.M. Hospital has consistently delivered best in class clinical outcomes.

3. All Diagnostic facilities are under one roof:- B.C.M. is having own Blood Centre, Laboratory and Radiology facility. You do not have to run here and there for any kind of diagnostic facility.

4. Infection Free & Clean environment:- B.C.M. Hospital environment is completely free from any infestation and uses the latest technology & protocols to maintain good hygiene.  

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For more details please refer to the About Us page

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